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Intelligence and IT for business

Our diversified professional experience comes from many years of working for large multinational corporations. We have been actively engaged in an execution of projects related to implementation of business processes improving methods in Poland, Europe and North Africa. We founded Treeffect in 2011 to utilize years of experience, scientific research and knowledge and to help enterprises in their decision making processes.

We possess advanced knowledge in the field of decision support systems and mathematical modeling utilized in decision making processes in corporations. Treeffect cooperates with Warsaw School of Information Technology – WIT and Systems Research Institute of Polish Academy of Science in the area of transferring the knowledge and technology from science to business. Treeffect actively participates in developing advanced information technology methods, based on the latest achievements in technological science. Our expertise includes advanced decision support systems, real time location systems (RLTS), utilization of information technology in medical science, application of modern computer systems in rehabilitation and education.

We are also experienced in the selection of appropriate business information technology and infrastructure, so their maintenance cost is aligned with sustained quality of service, acceptable by the Management.

We have a team of highly skilled professionals with knowledge of relational database systems, holding prestige Oracle DBA OCP (Oracle Database Certified Professional) certificates.

Our team possesses high interpersonal skills and corporate culture. In our opinion these aptitudes are absolutely necessary for effective co-operation with the executive personnel. During complex and difficult restructuring of business processes, the most important goal is to pay attention and understand Client's needs. We believe, that thanks to these abilities we can advise our partners on the most rational solutions.

Our services.

  • deep experience
  • expert knowledge
  • theory and practice
  • professional analysis
  • effectiveness
  • highly professional attitude