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Intelligence and IT for business

Please find full range of our services in the advisory on utilisation of IT in the effective accomplishment of business actions described here.

Advisory on the most rational IT infrastructure (equipment and software) selection.

Advisory on the most beneficial utilisation of IT infrastructure, including remodelling of IT departments based on organisational needs, external factors and technological progress.

Advisory on open software (open source) utilisation in order to reduce IT costs.

Preparation of IT infrastructure specifications, based on Client’s requirements or our own analysis of their business needs.

IT project management based on Treeffect’s proposition or Client’s own assumptions.

Expertise on possibility of implementation of the most advanced IT solutions, allowing improvement of business functionality. We prepare specifications based on the area of interest described by our Clients (i.e. expert systems) or our own recognition of available tools and needs.

Our e-services: – B2B service for electronic invoices translations.