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ERP systems and e-services for business

Comarch is a software house and specializes, among other areas, in innovative ERP solutions and e-services for Business. Comarch uses most innovative IT technologies to give companies scalable, upgradable and comprehensive solutions with a smart user interface.

Comarch ERP solutions help companies optimize their business processes. Those systems not only help companies optimize operational activities, but also help analyse corporate data via integrated Business Intelligence modules. Comarch ERP solutions are very popular on Polish market. A huge number of Polish companies do business with Comarch ERP products.

Comarch also provides e-services (eg. on-line backup, on-line shopping galleries) for companies. Due to growing popularity of SaaS Comarch ERP solutions are also available via web interface. ERP solutions are integrated with mentioned e-services.

One of the most important thing for companies is an IT support for systems they use. Comarch gives a great support for partners and partners give such for companies.

For more information about Comarch and their solutions please visit Comarch website.

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