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Intelligence and IT for business

Energy-efficient computers with a free software!

Whether for personal computers, there is a balanced compromise between performance, the price of hardware and software, low power consumption and the comfort of work? Of course! Such a compromise is called Pareto Computers.

Pareto Computers it is a special line of computers designed by our company. At the moment it consists two models - Pareto UbU Eco and Pareto UbU Value.

Pareto UbU computers use only free software, providing a comfortable job in: working on documents, browsing Internet, using - so called - “cloud” applications and working with multimedia files. Pareto UbU computers run on the Linux Ubuntu operating system. Linux Ubuntu is completely free but like other operating systems (eg. Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X) is powerful and has a very convenient and intuitive user interface.

Energy efficient (only 65W) and noiseless computers Pareto UbU are an alternative to typical desktop computers.

Buying Pareto UbU computers you receive completely free office suit called LibreOffice. LibreOffice successfully replaces the commercial package Microsoft Office Pro, which costs more than 350 EUR per one license! LibreOffice reads and writes Microsoft Office Pro documents.


Not all workstations require desktop computers with a commercial software. Many workstations can be successfully equipped with Pareto UbU computers.

Pareto Computers it is also a set of business services that will allow you to migrate towards the free software used in business.

Please contact us for more information about Pareto Computers.



Pareto Computers (PDF)