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Intelligence and IT for business

Treeffect was established in 2011. We specialise in advanced consulting methods for enterprises from various industry sectors. Our advisory services focus on utilizing modern information technology and management methods. Treeffect provides dedicated software solutions, including customized software platforms supporting decision making processes in business, ERP systems solutions for medical industry. Treeffect is actively engaged in transfer of knowledge and technology to business, offering also decision making seminars and courses.

Our mission - "Intelligence through information technology in business" - defines an aspiration to create effective enterprises, where Management's intuition based on experience is coupled with modern information technology and management methods in an intelligent way.

Our team benefits from twenty years experience in design, implementation and project management of business management software solutions. We have great intellectual potential at our disposal, derived from constant and consistent self-development in the information technology and management. We co-operate with leading academic institutions in Poland and conduct own research studies in the field of the latest management methods and information technology, following the most recent scientific reports in order to offer you the most rational solutions. The topic of advanced decision making methods is raised by our professionals in many scientific publications.

Our experience.